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High Arctic
Visuality Sense of Sight -
The visual elements as expected, carry the weight of the entire exhibition on their shoulders, as UVA installations usually focus on the use of light and technology. They contain in content, almost 90% of information about the exhibition.

The Great Darkness

Upon entering the exhibition space, you are greeted by “The Great Darkness” as they call it, which permeates the whole environment space. There is never a point throughout your entire time in the exhibition, when it doesn’t surround you. This is one of the only elements in environment the audience has no control over. Yet it should not be thought of as a static force. In an interview with Matthew Clark by Dazed Digital, when he was asked as to why the audience were left to explore in the dark, he replied “If you live in high Arctic, you'll spend half the year in total darkness” “The Inuit’s of Greenland believe that when the great darkness comes, it gives us a chance to think and imagine, We liked the idea of creating a space where people could think and imagine.” We can therefore see that the darkness in the exhibition is not only a literal transcript of the physical reality of the High Arctic, but it also conjures different emotional responses. A study by Wallace & Fisher, 1991 cited in Mark Bancroft, MA [6] observed that sensory depravation of any kind, allowed individuals to be more focused, relaxed and had “time to think without distractions.” The darkness therefore sets the mood for the reception of information, subconsciously and consciously creating a more thoughtful attitude in the minds of the audience. 259 words

Interactive Pools

Through the darkness, the interactive pools can be seen in the distance. Each one of the pools represents a different stage in the arctic experience. An ultra-violet light torch working together with 10 powerful cameras and 10 powerful projectors, activates the interactive animated pools, to reveal a world of circles, squares and triangles. When one points their UV light to the floor, the squares that are scattered around the pool are drawn in without their consent towards the light, like a moth to flame. Then as if the UV light is actually a literal flame, the squares begin to melt from the heat, disintegrate and splitting into triangles and eventually completely disappearing.

The power of interpretation as to what these triangles and circles are and represent, seems to be shared between what UVA have pre-defined (the squares are melting glaciers) and what an 8 year old might perceive to be an exciting new toy. There seemingly the illusion of interactivity. supposed thoughts of the audience this is a snow storm what we see in this instance is left to the audience. They are the bulk of information is to be found in the

The eyes of the audience gather data from what is happening in the pools and the brain then, makes sense of what he or she is seeing and interprets this data into simple understandable terms…

"Move from uncovering and investigating the system to looking at how the audience and users of the systems utilise, impact on and interact with these systems"

The tool given to the audience to combat this darkness was, the UV light-saber like torch, although it is not designed to be like a conventional torch.
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